Do I have to pay fees for cargo operations? prices vary according to the number of products that you make purchases from our site may.

Product purchases will ship when I did it?

Orders are sent by courier service on weekdays during the day in between. Orders will be processed on the first business day on weekend and public holidays. Delivered if your delivery address is correct and may vary depending on your order delivery. Average delivery times and delivery cargo to Remote areas that cannot be made through the website of the company you can get or you can learn to support our customer relationship.

How Can I follow the shipping information of my order?

The “My Account” page about your order by displaying the “review my order history” under the heading, your order the shipping process you can follow. It’s been shipped to you as soon as your order by e-mail will be informed.

I want to change my order delivery address, how can I do?

Address your order “My Account” page in the “My Addresses” section, or you can change during the purchase process “I want to define a new address” by selecting the button, you can define your new address. This address will be used as the delivery address on your next order from that moment. You can change the delivery address for the relevant order during the ordering process. However, this change to the “My Account” page, only are not reflected in the relevant order to which it belongs.

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